4 beaches to visit in Tavira

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Summer. The season that rhymes with vacation. The time of year that screams “beach”! And if it screams “beach”, what is the best place in Portugal to dive in the Atlantic Ocean? Yes, it’s this place that changes the saying to “All roads lead to the Algarve”.

As good hosts, today we prepared a very special guide for you: 4 beaches to visit in Tavira. If you’re looking for sandy beaches and crystalline waters, Tavira is the perfect place to spend your holidays.

Cabanas de Tavira Island

The western beach of Cabanas de Tavira Island

Right in front of Golden Club, across the lagoon, lies the Cabanas de Tavira Island, a 7 km-long beach of golden sand, wonderful for sunbathing, swimming or spending hours just wandering along.

To access the western beach of Cabanas, you can take one of our boats, exclusive for clients, and cross the Ria Formosa on a unique tour, with time to contemplate the landscape and the boats moored off the Golden Club Cabanas.

Here, the low tide discovers a wide space of fun where children, teenagers and adults walk, run, play ball, play rackets and build sandcastles.

If you prefer, you can take the boat (extra fee) from the other side of Cabanas village to enjoy the eastern beach of Cabanas. In this part of the island, you can find a beach bar, great for refreshing yourself with a cocktail by the sea.

For those who appreciate nature and prefer to stay away from the crowd, this is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the Algarve.

Acesso de barco à Praia de Cabanas Poente
Boat access to the western beach of Cabanas de Tavira island

Tavira Island

Ilha de Tavira
Tavira Island – source: Shutterstock

One of the most popular beaches in the town is Tavira Island beach, a long beach that is known for its clean and calm waters, perfect for relaxing in summer.

Along the way to the beach, it is possible to see several bars and restaurants, where the speciality is the fresh and delicious fish from the coast.

There are two options to take the ferry that connects you to Tavira Island: at the 4 Águas wharf, which is about 2 km from the Tavira downtown; or from the city centre, with a very regular service.

Praia da Ilha de Tavira
Tavira Island beach


Praia do Barril - Âncoras
Barril beach – Set of large anchors, source: Shutterstock

The Praia do Barril beach is an ex-libris in the middle of Tavira beaches, well known for its peculiar access to the coast – a small train that helps to travel the distance to the sand. If you choose to walk along the way, you can enjoy nature stopping at one of the some observation stations along the way.

The beach support was built from an old tuna fishing frame, and it is still possible to observe the original building today.

Another of the great characteristics of this beach is the enormous set of large anchors arranged in the sand dunes, a favourite place for the indispensable memory selfie!

Acesso à Praia do Barril
Praia do Barril – Access

Terra Estreita

Praia da Terra Estreita
Terra Estreita beach

A Terra Estreita, situada ao lado da Praia do Barril, é um pequeno paraíso que fica numa zona onde a distância entre a Ria Formosa e o Oceano Atlântico não atinge mais de 50 metros de largura. Uma excelente praia para quem prefere tranquilidade e privacidade.

Terra Estreita, situated next to Barril beach, is a small paradise that lies in an area where the distance between the Ria Formosa and the Atlantic Ocean is no more than 50 metres wide. An excellent beach for those who prefer tranquillity and privacy.

To access Terra Estreita beach, you have to take the boat at the Santa Luzia boardwalk, the famous Octopus Capital.

This is our list of beaches to visit in Tavira. Tell us: Which one is your favourite beach?

Share your opinion with us.

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