Discover the lagoon birdlife

No wonder bird watchers and ornithologists are regular visitors to this region. Ria Formosa is home to literally hundreds of thousands of birds.

Walking in the vicinity of Golden Club Cabanas, you may spot white egrets, stilts, storks and flamingos fishing in the lagoon and in the salt pans.

In autumn and spring, Ria Formosa welcomes birds migrating between Europe and North Africa. Birds such as the little tern and the avocet nest here in spring. To other aquatic birds, the lagoon is a place to winter. The single rarest species, the western or purple swamphen, with its characteristic blueish feathers, finds in the lagoon its only confirmed site of reproduction in Portugal.

The Quinta de Marim Estate (Olhão), the Quinta do Ludo Estate (Faro) and the Castro Marim salt pans (on the banks of the Guadiana River) are also great sites for bird watching.