4 restaurants to try in Cabanas de Tavira

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Cabanas de Tavira Seafront
Cabanas de Tavira Seafront

Come and enjoy some of our best dishes. Today we suggest 4 restaurants in Cabanas de Tavira in Cabanas de Tavira so you can enjoy the delicious flavours of the Ria Formosa. All of them are excellent choices for an enjoyable holiday meal as a couple or a family.

Noélia e Jerónimo

Noélia e Jerónimo's Restaurant in Cabanas de Tavira
Indoor dining room at Noélia e Jerónimo’s Restaurant

A stand-out restaurant in Cabanas de Tavira, Noélia e Jerónimo’s is considered a benchmark in regional gastronomy and always uses the freshest ingredients. During your holiday in the Algarve, enjoy the 12-minute stroll along the seafront from Golden Club Cabanas to reach this restaurant which combines tradition and originality to perfection.

Tripadvisor Rating: 4; 1,292 reviews

Reservation required: Yes

Delicious dish at Noélia e Jerónimo's Restaurant
One of the delicious dishes you can try at Noélia e Jerónimo’s


Ideal Restaurant in Cabanas de Tavira
Outdoor dining area at the Ideal Restaurant

This friendly family restaurant is one of the oldest in Cabanas de Tavira. Specialising in fish and seafood, it gives you the chance to sample some of the Algarve’s classic dishes. You can walk to it from Golden Club Cabanas in just six minutes. A perfect way to spend an evening during your family holiday.

Tripadvisor Rating: 4; 636 reviews

Reservation required: Yes

Seafood Soup at the Ideal Restaurant
Seafood Soup at the Ideal Restaurant, served in a home-made bread “tureen”

Mariscos e Petiscos

Mariscos e Petiscos Restaurant in Cabanas de Tavira
The dining room at the Mariscos e Petiscos Restaurant overlooks the Ria Formosa

If you are a seafood enthusiast then this restaurant, just four minutes from Gold Club Cabanas, is for you. The Mariscos e Petiscos Restaurant will make your Algarve holiday all the more flavourful. The menu comprises an extensive variety of seafood that comes direct from the renowned Ria Formosa.

Tripadvisor Rating: 4; 507 reviews

Reservation required: Yes

Seafood platter at Mariscos e Petiscos
Who could resist this seafood platter?


Pedro's Restaurant in Cabanas de Tavira
Outdoor dining area at Pedro’s Restaurant

Apart from fish and seafood, the menu at Pedro’s also features meat dishes and with so much variety there’s something to suit every member of the family. You can see Cabanas Nascente Beach from the outdoor dining area. From Golden Club Cabanas, Pedro’s is a pleasant 10-minute walk along the seafront. If you’re holidaying with children, they are sure to enjoy it too.

Tripadvisor Rating: 4; 845 reviews

Reservation required: Yes

Monkfish rice at Pedro’s Restaurant
Monkfish rice at Pedro’s Restaurant

These are just four of the restaurants in Cabanas de Tavira. There are others too, which you can try on your next visit to Golden Club Cabanas.

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